Prayer is the art of arts and the science of sciences. In 1. Timothy 2, 1-4 it says that before all things we should be praying. Sadly nowadays abundant grace to pray can’t be found frequently anymore. But this is to change. We believe that God gave us a mandate to shake awake people and to lead them into the fight of faith by creating groups and by forming people so they will become fighters and warriors of faith and prayer who will overcome the power of darkness that is about to break in over Europe (Isa. 60:2). We have a vision of Austria and Europe being wholly infused with such groups of worshippers and prayer-warriors in whom the fire of the Lord is burning (Hebr. 1:7), so that together they will be forming the fate of whole nations.

Maybe you are now saying that christians who pray incessantly and intercede for all people (1. Thess. 5:17) don’t exist today anymore, but we are telling you that great calamity is about to close in and the world will perish if there aren’t any people left who pray. The world is being held in existence through and because of the prayers of the saints, and every christian is called to pray for everybody as well as for the whole world.

We try every day to pray in all situations in the spirit with all kinds of prayers, and concerning all sorts of matters.

Prayer of tongues

We pray in tongues a lot (1. Cor. 14:18), but also in our own words, and we sing to God.

Prayer of the Heart

We are very thankful to the Lord that it pleased Him to bring the grace of the Prayer of the Heart in our lives, through which we are learning to simply be before the Lord every day in silence, and just to be there for Him. In the silence before Him you can experience real deep intimacy with the bridegroom.

Hearing the Word

We not only try to read the Word of God daily, but also to listen to it (Romans 10:17). Different bible-apps can be of help with this.

The power of prayer

  1. Pray without cease (1. Thess. 5:17), and the way you think will be purified through prayer. Your spirit will be enlightened by prayer; it will drive away all wrong thoughts and calm you down. If you want to drive away certain thoughts and to purify your spirit, do so through prayer, because except through prayer you won’t be albe to control your thoughts. Overcome the spiritual enemies through the name of Jesus. You will find no other weapon than this!
  2. Pray incessantly (1. Thess. 5:17) and your works will be acceptable before God, and to you they will be useful and healing! Frequent prayer, no matter what about, will not remain fruitless, for prayer has an inherent healing power. „Holy is His name, and everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved“ (Acts 2:21). In this manner for example a person caught in sin but who nevertheless keeps on praying (though without any noticeable success) will be enlightened and called to repentance through prayer. A rather loose-living girl kept on praying, and praying led her the way to a pure way of life and to the ability to hear and receive the teachings of Jesus Christ.
  3. Keep praying and don’t try to control your passions out of your own strength. Prayer will destroy them in you. „For He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.“ is written in the Holy Scriptures. Quote: „If you don’t have the gift of abstinence, don’t be sad about it; but be aware of that God expects enthusiasm and diligence of you in prayer, and prayer will save you“. Here again we have the example of a brother who „won falling“, which means he was stumbling but didn’t despair but kept on praying and by this overcame temptation.
  4. Pray and fear nothing; fear neither calamity nor disaster – prayer will be your defense and it will help you to avert it. Think of Peter, who had little faith and was about to drown, think of Paul when he was praying in prison, think of the brother who through prayer could resist  temptation, think of the virgin who was saved through prayer when a soldier threatened her. These examples confirm the all-encompassing power and might of praying in the name of Jesus Christ.
  5. Just keep on praying in one way or another, but do so all the time; and do not let yourself be confused by anything! Be joyful in spirit an calm: Prayer will do everything and teach you. „If we, who are sinners and have sin in our lives offer our prayers, then we will be purified quickly through the same. Another word says, „to pray in one way or another lies within our own ability, but to pray in a pure way is a gift of grace“. So offer that which lies within your ability to God, at least bring your 5 fish and 2 bread as a sacrifice to Him, and God’s power will be poured out into your inability – even a dry and diffuse, but frequent and incessant prayer will turn into a pure, clean, blazing and righteous prayer after it has become your second nature.
  6. When you are eventually conducting the time you are awake by praying, then it is only natural that there won’t be any time left for sinful actions or thoughts. So let us pray as often      as possible, let us dedicate our whole lives to prayer, even if it might be diffuse in the beginning! The more we pray, the more attentive we will become, for prayer will teach us attentiveness, and if we continue praying the duration will lead us in depth without doubt. „If we want to learn doing something in an excellent way, we will have to do it as many times as possible“, one experienced spiritual author said.