The balance between your own effort and having confidence in God

God’s help is always near, but the seeking soul can only partake in it after he has made his utmost effort and then painfully had to experience his own inadequacy. As long as one still has the tiniest grain of confidence in his own strenght, God won’t intervene: You deem to be able to succed in your own strength? Then you still have to wait. The Holy Spirit is always ready to enable above measure, and He is just waiting for our capability to receive. How do I have to behave in order to receive His power? Being humble is the answer. Fully perceive your own inability, and expect everything from the Holy Spirit – but keep doing incessantly all that is in your power to do – for if you stop doing your best, God’s protecting power will leave you. You will also be left if you want to succeed in everything out of your strength and ability alone. Keep the balance between making all the effort you can and fully relying on God. Doing these two things will strengthen you.

Labour zealously, make all the effort you can – but do not trust in yourself, instead take your concerns and requests before the Lord (Psalm 37, 6). Pray: „I wish and seek, but You revive me through Your truth“. The Lord declared, „Without me you can do nothing“ (John 15, 15). And this law is in force in spiritual life to the smallest detail, without departing from it one millimeter. The answer to the question „What am I to do to receive this or that virtue?“ is: „Do all that you can do and turn to God, and He will give it to you.“ There is no other way.

Make an effort, do your best, keep seeking – and you will find; keep on knocking – and it will be opened to you. Don’t weaken in your efforts and don’t despare. But in midst of all this keep in mind that all our efforts are only a preparation for receiving grace; the granting of the gift depends only on the will of the giver. It comes suddenly, unexpectedly.

We owe all to the grace of God. Without it nobody is able to receive anything spiritual. As soon as it penetrates into the heart, all things start happening in their designed order.

Grace defined

There are not many people who are really bold enough and full of confidence to face God, to get into a personal relationship with him, to take grace by grace, to do his works and even greater ones (Heb. 4, 16; John 1, 16).

Who is ready to step in front of a loving but also complete God, if not one, who is confident in the gift of righteousness in Christ. The gift of righteousness allows you to step boldly before the throne of grace every single day in order to receive abundance of grace that God holds for us (Rom. 5, 17).

Martin Luther has already recognized it: Righteousness through faith alone (Rom.      3, 28 after the translation of Luther)! Faith will work by love (Gal. 5, 6). Where the power of Christ’s love is effective, the heart of a Christian will always grow in faith. The confidence in its right standing with God by the gift of righteousness will also grow, and therefore the heart is able to take grace upon grace to destroy the works of the devil and to do the works of Christ (John 1, 16; John 14, 12). Apart from that, the gift of righteousness in Christ is the only qualification to come into a personal relationship with God in spirit and in truth. This gift in me gives me the testimonial, that I am welcomed by God and it helps me daily to receive grace to live a successful Christian life. The gift of righteousness is worldwide one of the most neglected in the body of Christ.

Religious behaviour and pride push men’s hearts to put the cart before the horse. I try to be just by doing good deeds, and if I accomplish that I will be brave enough to confidently step in front of God. Religion is men’s attempt to come in peace with God. This however is a heavy yoke and always leads to desperation (Rom. 10, 3). It needs humility to accept the gift of righteousness in Christ for our lives. Proud hearts try to build up their own righteousness before God, that is however just pure waste (Rom. 10, 3; Phil. 3, 7-9). God withstands the proud, the humble he grants mercy and grace (1. Peter 5, 5).

It is the other way around. To receive by faith the peace that Christ has accomplished for us with the Father through the perfect victory of the cross is true Christianity. At first I believe in my just stand with God through the gift of righteousness and, according to my faith, the power of grace will be effective to manifest righteous works in my life (1. Cor. 15, 10; 1. John 3, 7). The foolish, who abuse the message of grace as a legitimitaion to sin, have already been in the hands of Paul a long time ago (Rom. 6, 1-2; 2. Cor. 6, 1).

The word grace means God’s ability within me. Through the gift of righteousness, that every Christian heart receives with the baptism in the Holy Ghost, man will be connected with the land of God’s possibilities. God believes in his children. He believes, that we can accomplish anything through the power of grace that is active within us.

Humility and the gift of righteousness bring forth abundantly the power of grace in our lifes to be victorious and full of joy even in the midst of our difficulties and trials. The true Christians are called to be the happiest people on the face of this planet.

Come and step out of your boundaries and own possibilities and enter the land of God’s possibilities, that will be walked by humility and grace.

Lord, give us humble hearts, which have become God’s righteousness, to be able to do the love works of Christ which we are entrusted with by the power of your stream of grace – Gracestream.