Our home churches are small groups that become fortresses of truth, for us to arise and meet God, to get to know him, to get to know ourselves, to get people to come to Jesus and to learn his ways for everyday life. Prayer is the art of arts and the science of sciences. Exhort therefore, first of all, that prayers and intersession be made for all men (1Tim 2:1-4) . Great grace for prayer given by the Holy Ghost is hard to find nowadays. But this is about to change. We believe that God has given us the mandate to wake up mankind and lead them into a battle of prayer and worship by forming groups of people and turning them into forces of prayer and faith to stop the forces of darkness that are about to sweep over Europe (Is 60:2). We have the vision for all of  Austria and Europe filled with such prayer and worship groups, burning with the fire of God (Heb 1:7), together shaping the destiny of entire nations. Maybe you will say that this kind of Christian has disappeared who is praying constantly for others, (1Thes 5:17) but we tell you that there will be great unimaginable disasters on the face of this planet if there are no more prayer warriors on earth. The world stands through the prayers of the saints, and Christians are called to pray for everyone and the whole world.
Our home churches are mainly houses of prayer (Mt 21:13).

More information:  info@gnadenstrom.at.