Jesus is King


Message Marcus & Andrea [Deutsch/Englisch] 07.04.2020

„Relationship and co-laboring with men in White Linen.“
„Jesus our Good Shepherd“
„Gideon – God is with you mighty warrior.“Judges 6/12

Freundschaft und Zusammenarbeit mit Männern in weißen Leinen.
Jesus unser guter Hirte
Gideon – Gott ist mit dir du streitbarer Held. Richter 6/12

FEAR NOT, REJOICE, and be in high spirits and glory with all your heart. PRAYER AND FASTING

PRAYER and FASTING from the 16th to the 22nd of March. Meditating the book of Zephaniah. Especially Zephaniah 3, 12-20

With brother David Hogan around the world ministering the Fire of God.

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Holy Ghost meetings with David, Joseph and Corban Hogan

Meetings canceled

Holy Ghost meetings with Bernhard Koch

Meetings canceled

Holy Ghost meetings with Corban Hogan

Meetings canceled

Mexiko 2020

With brother David and Jo D Hogan in Mexico. Family and Ministry Time. Awesomeness in the Fire of God.🔥

Dez 2019 -mit Jo D Hogan in Polen

Gepostet von Marcus Enzenebner am Sonntag, 8. Dezember 2019

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Joseph Hogan – December 2019

Service with Joseph Hogan on 11.12.2019 at 7pm.

Linz, Volkshaus Pichling, Lunaplatz 4

Philippines – with David Hogan 2019

Anointed ministry of the Holy Ghost touches many hearts in the phillipines.

Poland – May 2019

With David and

Debbie Hogan in Poland.

Jesus is King!

Georgia – May 2019

Holy Ghost meeting in Georgia with brother David Hogan.

Holy Ghost meetings with David Hogan in Austria

Sunday, 17th March 2019 at 15.00 and 18.00 o’clock.

Hauptplatz 19, Großer Saal, 1st floor

in 4190 Bad Leonfelden

Joseph Hogan in Austria 2018

18, 19 Aug. in Dornbirn / 24. Aug. Bad Leonfelden

Joseph Hogan ist in neunter Generation ein Prediger des Evangeliums und Mitleiter der Bewegung Freedom Ministries, welche unter den Indios in Mexiko dient. Er ist dort verantwortlich für hunderte von Gemeinden. Ziel der Bewegung ist es das Evangelium von Jesus Christus in der Kraft Gottes zu den Menschen zu bringen die es noch nicht kennen bzw. die Gefangenen zu befreien, die Kranken zu heilen und die Freiheit des Evangeliums zu bringen.

Holy Ghost Youth meeting in the Czech Republic

Ministry in youth summer-camp

Invited third time in Budweis.

Holy Ghost meeting in the Czech Republic

The power of Love and hungry hearts helped for positioning to receive the anointed ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Visit to Brother David Hogan and Team (20th April – 03rd May 2018)

Team Missiontrip to Mexico

As a travelling group of 8 people from Oberösterreich and Vorarlberg did we have the priviledge to visit David Hogan and the missionary families and also work with them.

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Together with Brother David Hogan in Scotland – April 2018. (facebook page)

Freedom Ministries Europe in Scotland

Awesomeness in the River of the Holy Gost in Scotland in Jesus name.
Scotland is sick and tired of christian religion like the rest of Europe. Yearning for the real deal – the ministry of the new covenant – the ministry of indestructible endless LIFE. Hebr. 7.16
And the RIVER was manifesting in an awesome way. Jesus is King

With Brother David Hogan in Bulgaria March 2018. (facebook page)

Holy Spirit working in Bulgaria

The word, love and power of God has been ministered. People were saved, healed and delivered. Signs, wonders and miracles were manifesting for the Glory of God. His Love, Peace, Freedom and Joy were poured out over the bulgarian church. AWESOMENESS in the great Holy Ghost.

Tuesday 27th of march 2018, 7pm in Bad Leonfelden, Haus am Ring, Ringstr. 77, Seminarraum.

Ministry of the Spirit of endless LIFE with brother David Hogan in Austria

Come and experience the ministry of the new covenant, the ministry of the spirit of indestructable endless LIFE according to Hebr. 7,16 in Jesus name.

Power of HIS great Love in India – March 2018

Marcus Enzenebner und Gerhard Linder were part of the freedom ministry Team in India. To minister the power of his great Love: Something interesting happens when we start to take the needs of others more seriously than our own. Something supernatural. When we give to others, God fills us with more. When we invest to meet the needs of others, God Father meets needs.

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